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mods..please read.


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we always seem to get the same questions/topics/subjects brought up.

i have seen on other forums a rather useful tool.
when the person starts to type in a title for their post, automatically they see titles of previous posts of the same topic.
many times, the topics of new posts have be covered before, but the person can't find them, so they post it again for the millionth time.

so if i start to type "Which insurance company is cheapest?" they will automatically be shown posts of similar topics. They can then see others have posted and not submit the new post.

seems to work well. seems like a really good idea for this site.


Oh please... YES! This sounds like a great idea! Would probably save the whole, "You guys are such (insert insulting name here)! You're all so sarcastic...." senario, since newer members don't realise it's the 50th time some of us have seen the same posting/question/topic and at this point, the sarcasm (and boredom with said topic) has completely kicked in :D
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I believe it works a little differently than described.

You submit your new thread, but before it posts, the forum lists a bunch of topics that closely match what you're posting and asks you if one of the above topics describe what you're posting. From there you click CANCEL or POST.. it's on extra step, but it's worth it!

I'm sure vBulletin has a plugin like this-- it has too.

Edit: found it!
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Google does this and I really don't have to type what I'm searching for because it has been typed before so I just click at the suggestions.

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