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Mad Mike

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Under 10, that's a little more than a POS.

Good thing for him is there's lotsa predator on prey sex in jail.


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"Innocent until proved guilty" :rolleyes:
Obviously there are grounds for the arrest(s). Its not like he ****** a cow and got arrested for sex with a minor.

Locking him up is not enough.
I say chop his head off a cm at a time and sprinkle salt on it. He can choose which head they start with.

The Bachelor

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WTF??? What are the laws in Australia for this?


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No mercy if he is guilty.Take him out in a field and let me pull the trigger.

BUT,the sad part of dealing with things like this in todays social media world,is that he is f'd just by being accused.Our world has been made a much worse place by technology.

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