March 23 Appleby line RIP |

March 23 Appleby line RIP


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This is so sad :( First fatality even before the season has started in earnest. RIP

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Zero room for errors. Heart goes out to the ones left behind. RIP Rider.


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RIP Rider.

Joe Bass

*probably eating right now*
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RIP rider

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Road King

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Just saw this report on TV. A very sad start to the riding season.

RIP rider.


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This was a close friend of mine. I'm still in shock that this happened. I was at his funeral this past Saturday. So many of our friends and family attended. The family, including his 15 yr old daughter all held up surprisingly well, and really celebrated the wonderful person that he was. RIP Len...will miss you always. Thank you all for your condolences for Len. He was an amazing person.

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