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  • I have a few more photos. If you send me your e-mail I can forward them. This site won't let me add any more.

    Bike is sitting bsecause I upgraded otherwise it would still be on the road. Just had it started and running on Sat.
    Hey gcrouse. Its good to see there is a fellow Holland Landing person here. I have seen lots of bikes around town so i'm sure there is more. I live on the east side of town just off of Park ave.

    So hopefully I will see you around. I'm still pretty fresh at riding, so i'm mostly staying around on the quieter streets. However holiday Monday I took a trip down to Woodbridge with my Uncle and Grandfather who both ride. A great experience!
    Hello gcrouse. I'm an old fart too! I just purchased a Ninja 650R, pick up in a few weeks. Would like to ride with an experienced bikester. I have a full M and rode a Shadow 750 until recently. Steeles & Yonge.
    hey buddy im not a painter....as for the rash, you can prep it by sanding it down, bondo-it etc.

    if its not cracked, its better, but if it is, plastic weld it, then melt the underside of the panel.

    if you need help, id be willing to help, no cost just materials...i dont think paint shops will prep panels...if its only in one spot, fix it and decal over it.
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