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Maintaining the fleet


Having a fleet means there has to be "the white board". Might as well be here.

Street FZR400, 80500 km (original build thread - read the sticky thread about photobucket pics)
Things that are DONE
- Rear tire has a puncture and is half worn, not worth saving. New tires - DONE
- Cush-drive in rear wheel needs inspection/servicing. DONE
- Rides harshly - replace 20w fork oil with 15w and back off the setting of the "emulator" compression damping valve. DONE
- Inspect brakes - OK for now.
Things that still need to be done - Nothing. DONE and test-ridden. Good to go.
Things that need to be ordered - None
Future wish list - Front brake rotors and pads (Pads in stock)

CBR125, 48000 km
Things that are DONE
- Replace fork oil - DONE
- Replace spark plug - DONE
- Steering head bearings - DONE
Things that still need to be done
Nothing. DONE and test-ridden, all good.

Race FZR400
Things that are DONE
- Engine oil and filter change. DONE
- Change fork oil. DONE
- Replace spark plugs and inspect for condition. DONE. Condition of old plugs suggests slightly lean. See additional items below.
- Check valve clearances. DONE - All within spec
- Find cause of coolant (water) disappearing. There is a slow leak somewhere that I can smell but not see.
> Reinstall thermostat and gasket - Did not solve problem (this was partway through last season)
> Replace radiator cap with new but cheap one (MotoRad) from Canadian Tire - Did not solve problem (also partway through last season)
> Drain and flush cooling system. DONE
> Run engine with cooling system filled but radiator cap off to check for evidence of head gasket leakage - DONE and checks out OK, no bubbles.
> Pressure test cooling system with 15 psi compressed air. DONE. Main part of system has no visible leaks but the above-mentioned radiator cap is not holding pressure. It is leaking through the vacuum relief valve.
> Replace radiator cap with a new one from NAPA and redo pressure test. DONE. No more leak at the radiator cap.
> Shorten coolant hose from thermostat housing to filler neck to eliminate a high spot that will trap an air pocket. DONE. Don't even have to burp the cooling system any more - all the air goes to the top.
- At this point I've done everything I can think of with respect to the cooling system, and there's no way to know if the underlying issue is actually fixed until riding the bike on the track next year.
- Check idle mixture settings to address a rough idle when cold - DONE; reset all mixture screws to 4 turns out (stock setting 3.5 turns) - Runs OK
- Change main jets from 87.5 to 90 - DONE
- Fix half-stripped threads for tail section bodywork and replace missing fasteners - DONE
- Install brake pads - DONE
- Re-valve rear shock (inadequate damping) - DONE
Things that still need to be done
Test-ride it. Won't happen until late May.
Things that need to be ordered or bought
- Tires for next year will probably be bought at the Jan bike show. Ordered

ZX10R, 94,611 km
Things that are DONE
- Free up / lubricate secondary throttle mechanism - DONE
- Investigate fast idle kick-up mechanism in throttle bodies - DONE, too much free play, Adjusted. Confirmed OK
- Inspect air filter - Acceptable
- Re-ring the engine to address high oil consumption (DONE - engine taken apart, deglazed cylinders, back together and running, remains to be seen if it fixed the problem but it seems promising)
- Chain and sprockets - DONE - front sprocket was toast, chain checks out OK
- Inspect/lubricate suspension linkage - DONE
- Replace burned headlamp bulb - DONE
- New handgrips - DONE
- Inspect brakes and clean brake calipers, replace brake pads - DONE
- Engine covers (to fix a wallowed-out hole for the starter reduction gear) - DONE
- Fix trim panels below gas tank (both sides are cracked around the bolt hole) - DONE
- Fix tail side panels (cracked around bolt holes) - DONE
- Fix license plate lamp - DONE
- New tires - DONE
Bought and received
- Engine internal parts: Head gasket, piston ring set, valve cover gasket, replace screws for oil pump cover and drive sprocket (stripped one ... bad choice of type of screw head that they used) - DONE and back together
- Front marker light bulbs (1 burned out, to be replaced with LED) - DONE and installed and working
- Headlight bulb - DONE
- Front sprocket - DONE
- Fairing screw right side below mid fairing (stripped head) - Have it ... Lost it :-/
- Brake pads - DONE
- Engine covers - DONE
- License plate lamp - DONE
- Tires - DONE
Things that still need to be done - Nothing - DONE and test-ridden
- Maybe eventually - Fix cracked mounting bracket for front turn signal (Tried - gave up - ignoring, doesn't really cause an issue)
Guess you've sold the H2. Would like to have known what you did to it in regard to accessories and parts.

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It's getting towards that time of year again. The list this year is much shorter - thankfully, because I have a whole new bike to build up (see other thread).

Street FZR400, 82,650 km:
- Fix broken speedo drive. FIXED for now. Thought it was a broken cable ... nope. I guess the cable I have on order will go in the spares box. The real problem was that the accumulated crapola inside the speedo drive seized it up and bent the tabs on the little adapter that goes between the wheel and the speedo drive. Cleaned out and re-lubricated the speedo drive, bent the one remaining tab back (the other tab broke off). At some point I'm going to have to make another adapter (it's a pretty simple part).
- Fix rear brake caliper torque arm - the pin went missing. Noticed this at Deals Gap. Good thing I hardly ever use the rear brake.
- Oil change at end of season.
- Wish list: new brake rotors, they're worn below minimum thickness.

CBR125, 53,000 km.
- Inspect brake pads.
- Find loose connection in marker light socket. (sometimes bulb works, sometimes not)
- Oil change at end of season.
- At some time in the future, I'm going to have to refresh the top end of the engine. It's using a little bit of oil, but not enough to be an immediate concern, and it still runs quite nicely. I actually already have the parts sitting on the shelf. May happen this winter if I get bored.

ZX10R, 102,000 km
- Needs tires.
- Oil change at end of season and that's it.
- Wish list: new brake rotors, they're worn below minimum thickness.

Race FZR400 is getting retired from active competition after next weekend. I still plan to do the occasional practice day with it.
- Prepare it for long term storage.
- Front master cylinder needs a rebuild, but it seems pointless to do it now.

The big beast:
- Oil change at end of season and that's it.

The new race bike (r3) needs everything ... see other thread.

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