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M road test - help making sure I have everything covered?


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So I have my M exit road test booked for this Tuesday morning in Brampton. I'm a bit nervous, only because I've been so busy with work up until now that I've done very little to prepare. I've tacked on about 25,000+ km since getting my M2, but none this year. Yup, even with the gorgeous weather we've been having, I haven't taken out my bike.

Right now, my plan is to get the bike prepped for tomorrow, and ride to downtown T.O. and back, running some errands in the meantime. I figure this should be adequate for getting the winter jitters out of my system.

My checklist for Tuesday:
1) Bike in working order:
- Oil & filter change
- Chain slack & lube
- Tire pressure
- Lights
2) Ensure insurance & ownership papers are in order
3) Go through M2X Checklist: http://www.gtamotorcycle.com/vbforum/showthread.php?1127-Copy-of-the-M-Test-(M2X)-checklist!
4) Go through the route:

Am I missing anything? Needlessly nervous? Honestly, I just don't want to have to do it again, I know I can pass the thing eventually...


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Put some fresh gas in it!! LOL But seriously it looks like you've got your bases covered. Just take it easy and ride "normally" without pushing anything and you'll do fine. They don't fail you for no reason, you have to make several mistakes and look like you don't know what you're doing to fail.


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The main items the examiners are looking for are your road awareness (observation) and your comfort level of riding in general. Everytime you are about to accelerate from a stop, decelerate to a stop, going through an intersection, passing an open driveway to a plaza/parking lot, make sure you move your head left and right to show that you are checking your mirrors and surroundings. In fact, keep moving your head all the time. I know it sounds silly, but they can't see your eyes and it's the only way they know you are checking your surroundings. Do not speed, but don't go slow either, just ride at the posted speed limit. Emergency Stop - make sure your check both sides before signaling and pulling over. Stay in your tire track (blocking position) at all times. Do not follow too close (you need at least 1 bike length). When you come to a stop, keep right foot on the rear brake at all times, once you planted your left foot down, do not move, keep it planted till you are moving again.

Before the test, the examiner will go through some basics with you and check your lights. He mentioned it's based on observation and traffic rules. He'll ask you if you have any questions. I asked two:
1) Pot holes and sand - am I allow to get out of my blocking position to swerve around? he said yes
2) Highway speed when merging, changing lanes and passing cars - am I allow to speed to match traffic for a safe merge/lane change and then drop back down to the speed limit? Or i'm stuck at the 100km/h ceiling? He was okay with me going over the speed limit (not excessive like 120 - his words :)) but not over an extended period of time. Only when passing, etc.

Everyone's examiner will be different. Some are riders, some aren't. It's up to you to set the expectation and gain an agreement. Be courteous and just ride. All the best with the test, with the mileage you've lodged, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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Dont stay on the passing lane. If the examiner asked you to move to the left lane, do so and automatically move back to the right lane. I got marked for that one.


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breath mints to hide the liquor smell.
^^^ LOL

Lots of head movement! I've heard of people tying a light scarf around their neck (when you don't normally wear one) just to keep reminding them to keep moving their head. It at least gives the illusion of lots of blind-spot checking.

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i got 10 pts
were "no blind spot" -4
too slow on highway, exit, -3
signal on when park, -1
overall easy, good luck


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