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Looking to get USB charger installed


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Lots of good input here already but I will add 2 pennies

I’d run a fused line from the battery and use a relay on an ignition switched circuit to turn it on/off. Just a little peace of mind for me that you won’t stress any existing circuits.

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The proposed wireless charger will only need about 1.5A. I wouldn't be too concerned about adding it to any circuit as most aren't that close to the line. That being said, I hate hacking into existing circuits. I don't want a fault in the charger to take out my taillight and signals. I would add a new switched and fused circuit for things you add (probably relay triggered by any existing switched circuit).

Freddy Fudpucker

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Will order stuff now. Will this work?

In terms of the wireless charger - it requires a minimum output of 5V/2A for standard charging and 9V/1.67A for fast charging.

On my owners manual it says that the Park fuse is 10A and protects signal light, tail light and license plate light.

Sorry for the late reply, yes that will work. Plus it has a built in fuse which is great.


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Quadlock has a 30% black friday sale going. It's still hugely expensive compared to ebay options, but I love it. I have the wireless charger on a vibration damper. Rather than going straight to the battery, I have a 12v socket wired into my accessory circuit (factory heated grips) and a 12v to waterproof USB charger. This is so the system is tied to the key, no worries about battery discharge. It was also for keepingthe gopro topped up on extended rides.


They have a new custom kit option. If I could buy it over again, I'd do this instead. 1638045999931.png
If your fork stem isn't blocked by a steering damper or anything, I'd look into the fork stem mount for any bike with clip on bars and adding the vibration damper and wireless charger heads.
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I bought a cheap ALiexpress wireless charger with a built in on/off switch and connected it to the motorcycle battery.. It also has a USB type A connector at the bottom so I can use it to charge other stuff too. It was ~$40

For piece of mind I also added a low voltage battery disconnect to this... This was cheap from DigiKey or Mouser

14,000 km and zero issues so far.
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