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Looking for fellow day trip twisty road hunters in GTA & Durham.


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Hey folks. I am in Pickering and looking for fellow riders who like to either go on day trips to the twisty roads or meet up for shorter rides. Head out early/mid morning, stop a few times for food, water, coffee, bathroom and stretching breaks...fuel stops etc. Home before dark. Places less than 400 km away from me here in Pickering that I can do in a day. Not much farther than Huntsville to the North or Calabogie to the East etc or anything in between. 1 or 2 people is fine, maybe a few more. Got myself a Triumph 765 R and I want to ride some twisty roads. I don't need to go racing, I just want to use more than the centre of my tires :)

For starters I am looking at trying some of the roads up in Muskoka and/or the Peterborough area loops I have seen posted. A trip to the Calabogie area is definitely on my lists too. The forks of the Credit is too short and too far to satisfy as the only option for me.
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I try to get out up north for small group rides. The twistier the better and usually up to Muskoka area, Haliburton or a few times a year I head over to Calabogie.
Always day trips - usually around 700-1000km.
I sometimes post up rides on in Rides forum and if the weather is good enough, I'll try to do a few more this year.
Also check the sticky in the Cruising/Touring forum if you need some roads or routes to play with.

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