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Lane splitting


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I don't have reliable internet access for the time being which is why I am not searching. It was at some point posted here, in the past.

Now where in my post did I say that Police Officer's are exempted form the HTA in ALL circumstances? I was responding to a SPECIFIC instance, (Riding a police service bike, side by side). They don't normally ride them during their off duty hours... lol As for the cell phone, yes when work related, however, proving it wasn't work related wouldn't be an easy thing to prove. In order to prove they were talking to their wife, as you used. You would require a search warrant for their phone or phone records, from the provider. NO investigator is going to go to those lengths, unless, the incident, (say they were involved in a collision), involved VERY serious injuries or death. But for a normal fender bender no investigator is going to seek a search warrant, to screw over an officer. Not right, BUT that is just the truth.

Search the HTA all you want (it's online and is searchable)... You won't find a section that states two vehicles cannot occupy the same lane.

They are not exempt from the HTA all the time.. only under certain circumstances. They can't break laws while just out patrolling..
They're only exempt from the distracted driving, cell phones laws.. when the calls are work related... They can't call their wives when they're driving..

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