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Joe Rocket Highside Air Short Gloves


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If anyone is looking for a "cheaper" pair of short gloves for booting around town, don't even consider these ones. I went through 3 pairs in less than 2 months. 1st pair the stitching was ripped between thumb and index finger when I received them. Sent back for a 2nd pair and the inside of my middle finger tore apart after 10-15 rides. Received a 3rd pair and there were padding flaws in the gloves from the factory.
On the other hand, Joe Rocket was more than helpful through emails and ended up giving me a pair of short leather blaster gloves ($50.00 more than the highside Jr). They are definitely a better quality glove and time will tell if they hold up. I have always used Alpinestar gloves in the past, but thought I'd try something different.
10/10 on Joe Rocket's customer service with handling the situation, but stay away from the Highside Air Short Gloves. My friend is also on his 2nd pair of them this season. I guess they are a new glove that came out this year and they were just pumping them out the factory and ignored quality control.
You get what you pay for.
Joe Rocket Highside Air Short Gloves


What's their profit in this case? If the supporting service is so responsive and every second pair is a disaster, then the original cost must be twice or even three times cheaper then they are...


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Whats the idea of all the plastic crap on there, is that for people who drag their knuckles on the ground when they walk :unsure:

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They probably pay 3 or 4 dollars per pair so replacement is no big deal

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They are just like a lot of "race" boots.
Leather, with Lego glued to them.


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I went through 3 pairs of those cheap style gloves my first year at $50-60 a pop. Save yourself the trouble and spend the $150 for a decent set. I picked up a pair of Alpinestars SP2 in the spring and commuted daily in them. Still look brand new, fit properly, and will actually protect you in a crash. the cheap crap is like trying to ride in mittens

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