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invasive popups?


Hey all... I believe I have a traced to our ad program.

I've stripped the ads from the old skin and can't get the popups.

As a solution until I can get to the permanent fix:

Go to your profile settings.

On the menu on the left you'll see general settings. Click that.

Near the bottom you'll see four skin - change that to vb4style Ole blue.

Let me know if you still get pop ups with that?


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so used to pop ups here now that normal is weird,

a ok right now for the first time in wks
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Actually like the app on my phone better than the desktop version. But need to be on the desktop version to change info on my account like insert my city as some pointed out I needed to do in another thread.

As for the ads... I thought they were supposed to be there. I guess I haven't been here long enough to see it without ads. At least no pop-ups on the app.

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I almost only go to the site on my PC at home but a week or so wanted a link for a friend and go the "Virus" alerts on my Iphone / Chrome. Today it seems OK.


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Weird. Never got it on any of my regular PCs, but happen to open GTAM on one I don't normally use for it and got the popup. The other ones still haven't had it...yet.


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I ever noticed it on my PCs because I have the ad block extension for chrome, but noticed on my phone that this site is virtually unusable due to malicious ad content.


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Got another survey pop up today when I first visited, before I logged in.

Same pop up as before.


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A lot worse this afternoon then this morning


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A little off topic but anyone having issues with the gtam app not showing pictures/ omly showing broken links?
I have my settings set to see them on wifi and haven't changed anything. Possibly related? (iirc there was an update recently, but using Tapatalk for other forums not giving me an issue)

Edit: preview not working but images showing when you click on them

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Virus, malware or GTAM new advertising?

It only seems to be happening on this forum. Occasionally, when I click on a thread title, a new window pops up directing me to external websites.

My virus and malware scanner says my computer is all good. Not sure what's happening here. Is this a new GTAM advertising technique or is my browser getting jacked?

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