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Introduction\New User\Daljeet Singh


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😎 do you wear a helmet? or am I allowed to even ask


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Top of the line NeXX helmets fits my head well. You really need to try them on, best time to buy is at the motorcycle shows where you can try lots on one right after the next and they are discounted like crazy. Don't buy black if you can help it, it's a stupid helmet colour at night and it's hot in the sun.


gringo diablo
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buy the best helmet you can afford
and helmets are like heads
they come in different shapes as well as sizes
yup, you should really try a helmet on before buying


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& the lighter the helmet the easier it is on your neck. You will pay a premium for carbon fibre construction, but if you wear it intensely it is worth the upgrade, if not, get the poly version of the same helmet and save a few hundred$

Concours Guy

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Congratulations on your M1 bro... This is one place where the Interweb isn't always the best place to buy a product such as a helmet. In the last few years it looks like there is a ton of awful helmets on the market which are wildly cheap, which should be avoided like the proverbial plague. Like J_F says, buy the best one you can afford. Sadly, though, I'm wondering about this... I went on my dealers site and they said no try-ons of apparel due to C19. Betwixt the Devil and the deep blue sea, as it were...


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Don't listen to these the helmet that you like the look of the most! They want you to try on a bunch of helmets? F that. Just find the one you love and buy it. Then you get to buy another one that actually fits and feels good 3 months later! Now you have two!


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Hello world.
My self Daljeet, I just got my M1 licence last week. Living in Mississauga and pretty much excited to start my journey for the Motorcycle licence :)
Dont try to be like one of them cool uncles, get a proper full face one, gravity doesnt care about how cool you look

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