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I Saw You: V.2.0


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Scooter rider got rear-ended at a red light this morning by a young lady in a light blue mustang with an 8 character vanity plate: PKNIKPKA (or something close to that) on Don Mills Rd.

What was her excuse for repeatedly honking at him and rear ending him dead-center? "I'm late for work".

Watch your 6 if you see her around.

Bumper had a big scuff mark from the impact and no visible damage to the rider/bike. Spoke to the rider for a few moments and she's lucky he didn't want to bother sticking around cause there was no damage to his bike.

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Holy ****. I hope the young lady gets t-boned.


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To the motorcyclist I saw on burnhamthorpe in Mississauga an hour ago. Have you lost your god damn mind? LOL

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Today at about 5:15pm, I was pumping gas at the Petro on the south west corner of Bathurst and Sheppard. Looked up and had to look twice and yes, I saw you...newish red CBR you were going westbound on Sheppard.
I checked my weather app and it said feels like minus 18...
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White & black Yamaha Trailmaster today, about noon, parked in the visitor parking of my building, King St. E downtown. ****ing sweet! If you see this, drop me a line - I'd love to know more about it.


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Saw someone on HW7 & Centre st. also caking their bike in road salt, was too late & missed my opportunity for first wave of the year :(
Pretty sure the bike is covered in salt - but dam I got my fix, let her rip real good, another reminder that I won't need anything faster lol.


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Saw some joker on a e-bike yesterday southbound on Cawthra. was wobbling everywhere and bumped the back of a car at a red light 😂


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Belleville, last evening about 6PM
#62 north of 401 northbound near WallyWorld

looked like a ZX6R
very wet, cold and nasty day to be on 2 wheels
hope you got where you were going safely


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Monday April 22nd - Garden Ave - Gearing up for the first ride of the season?

Wed 24th - Allen/Sheppard

Thur 25th - Dufferin/Finch - I made room for you

Dufferin/Steeles -

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