How to remove a yamaha rotor bolt |

How to remove a yamaha rotor bolt


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During a recent swing arm maint. job on My FJR I encountered a very "snug" hex/allen head bolt.
The bolt is one of four securing the left foot peg/shifter assembly...
I had been given the heads up that Mamma Yamma does indeed have a habit of over applying the red juice and my initial attempt to loosen said bolt confirmed the rumor.
Before resorting to brute force and possibly stripping the bolt I used my electric soldering iron to apply heat directly to the bolt...
'Took a good ten minutes, but... after that the bolt and all that residual red "glue" turned out nicely.


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That fastener goes through an awful lot of heat cycles... AND two types of metal.
I don't know that it was any fault of Yamaha. Blame science.

Mad Mike

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Heating thread-locked fasteners is best practice - saves you from stripping and twisting heads off. A lot of MC fasteners are soft so you don't over torque or strip aluminum threads.


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... when you put it back together be sure to lather it with anti seize
... but be sure to consistantly check the torque on those bolts, cuz know... heat cycles


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I used a manual impact hammer before using a propane torch before trying with an impact wrench. The bolts were covered in so much loctite this was the only way to break them free


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Heat them with a small torch before you start, use a good quality tool and go full commit with an impact gun. Be prepared to replace some. Do enough and you'll get used to them.

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