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How do you share a Green P account across two mobile phones?


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We installed the Green P parking app on two phones, loaded up $20 on one, but want that $20 to be accessible from the second phone. Need a way to share a Green P account across two phones, but it doesn't seem to allow that. Am I missing something?

There's a "family sharing" capability, but that seems to be iOS specific (one phone is Android) and doesn't seem to do exactly what we're after.


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Yeah they don't have that feature fully baked in yet. So the refund way will have to work or just use the machines the old way.

"Only your phone number and phone are linked to your Green P Mobile Pay account for security and verification reasons. If you don’t have your phone with you, make a payment at the pay-and-display machine and place the receipt on your dashboard as proof of payment. Alternatively, if you’re with someone who has a Green P Mobile Pay account, they can pay for your parking by simply adding your license plate number to their account. They can remove the plate from the account after the transaction is complete. You can return the favour someday."


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Would take a bit of coordinating back and forth by texting but could this work for the short term...???

Add the plate of your partner’s vehicle to the app. When he/she parks at a green p parking spot, have them text you the location id and how long they will be parking. You pay for the parking through the app and confirm to your partner that its been paid.

I don’t believe the phone needs to be anywhere near the parked vehicle.

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