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Hello everybody

Hello great people of GTAM.

I am a motorcycle enthusiast who is currently living in Toronto. I came here from India last year leaving behind a small collection of motorcycles back home. I hope to buy my first motorcycle here this year and start riding. Looking forward to meeting new people and riding to new locations.

Going through the forum many of my questions have already been answered and it also helps me in tackling my depression of not riding for over a year now.

Thanks All.


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Welcome to GTAM.


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So many riders moving here from India :| don't you know when it comes to motorcycles you are moving from the land of plenty to the land of expensive.


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I feel you when you say Depression of not riding....I am a survivor of that phase Lol. And Welcome to the Fam - Fam. Hope to ride together someday.

You can spot me around Yonge-Finch,DVP, Don Mills., Steeles. On a Black GSXS750Z

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Definitely check the insurance before buying any motorcycle. As a new (to-Ontario) rider it might be shocking...

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