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Have anyone bought from this guy before?


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Not to sure, but I hope they are real leather. If they're fake, with a bit of sweat your hands will be black for days.


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There was a thread about this very guy. People who met him and saw the merchandise said it was fake.


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Kinda figured, I'd try on a pair in the store (buy them?) take them with you, try on "this guys" and see what the quality is. Should be equal. If bad, dont buy, update us and return the REAL ones to the store.


Yea, I acutally emailed the seller cause i was interested in the white and grey one, then he told me he will check with his supplier and later told me his supplier don't have them in stock....couple days later I emailed him again, asked if those were replica, he said he doesnt know because he bought a bunch from a store being closed down...but if we look at his ad, he stated that "This gloves is brought back by public on demand, for those who haven't get one, here's your chance to catch the final off-season sale, don't wait before its long gone."

So I am very positive that they are not legit Alpinestars but the seller is refusing to say it.

Thanks for all the reply tho.

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