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  • Loving it Gonzo. Just put the bike away and having fun on my new used Honda Civic stick shift:) How you doing?
    I would imagine your loving your new ride,nice bike! I don't blame you from staying away from the east end,people are insane in the city. If you and your fellow riders are interested,I could show you guys some good roads up this way (no city riding here) Forks Of The Credit,Hockley Road,and a few more up this way.It's not too far from Mississauga. Think of it as a guided tour,I'm always looking for people to ride with!
    Wow...I really should check my messages more often...lol....I ride in Mississauga and surrounding area...try to stay away from the east end though....crazy drivers....

    Upgraded to an 2009 Yamaha FZ6R and looooviinngg it!! :-D
    Yup..new bike has been out and about since the middle of March :) Put on around 400km so far...this week is crap though, rain rain and more rain :-(
    I'm pretty sure I won't be out until April anyway,too much salt and sand on the roads.But the end of this winter crap is almost in sight!
    I'm not sure what he meant by younger crowd....my guess is 20-40 but then again some 50-year olds out there don't look their age....

    Thanks....I like my little cbr too... :)

    Though your 929 looks preety sleek also... :happy3:
    so how the **** do I put up a new picture?I,by the way,got the question mark up for sale.It didn't handle worth a ****!
    I see your reply now, it didn't go into my private message box but I see it on your profile. Now your picture SUCKS!!! Its just a large question mark. You can't ride on a question mark! There isn't even a seat, I guess if you had to one could just cling to the side like some type of parasite eating the hosts brain, but even at such trying attempts to ride a question mark there are no controls. Given this you would, as in my above example be along for the ride just like a parasite, and we don't want to get into all the strange and obnoxious activities we know those shady question marks get into. Your best bet would be to take a photo of your assembly of parts formed to resemble some type bipedal personal mode of transport and paste that in place of the large format question mark, you don't want people talking about the possibility of you getting mixed up with those rapscallions we post at the ends of posing sentences????? OH MY ???? GO???D TH?EY??? MUST?? H???AVE ??? HE??A??RD ????US ?? T???ALKI???NG ABO????T TH???E???M???? TH???E?Y??? ??? AR??E? ??? ?????? TA???KI??NG ??? OV?ER??? ?? MY ??? SCREEN????? ?? ???? AND THEY HAVE BACKUP??????? THOSE DIRTY BASTARD EXCLAMATION POINTS ARE HELPING THEM ???!!?!!?!!!?!?!?!??????!?!?!!!!!!?!?!!?!!?!?!!?!?! HHHHHHHEEEEeeeeelllllppppp ?!??!!?!??!??!?!!!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?
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