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GSXR1000 -- Rotors and Pads


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Hey Guys,

I need to replace the front rotors and pads on my 2001 GSXR1000. My priority is that the rotor be a high quality that will not warp . . . I hate vibrations! I've never had any luck with any aftermarket rotors in the past with my cars, and now always stick with OEM. Should I stick with OEM rotors and pads on the GSXR? I think the parts would cost about $890 including two OEM rotors and pads. If I went with EBC (as recommended by the dealer) it would only cost about $690. I am less concerned about cost than I am about quality.

I'm not an aggressive rider and I don't need something that flips me over the handlebars.



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why don't you try ebay? get some used ones?
If you're lucky, rotors from posers only have 10-15k kms

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