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Getting an ownership with a nvis


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Hi guys, been away for a while, but now back into riding. I bought myself and my son a couple of dirtbikes a couple years ago. I was careful to make sure the bike I bought was register-able, because I knew I wanted to ride on Crown land. I managed to register it using the affidavit process (what a nightmare), and now that my son is older, i want to take him with me. When I bought his bike, it came with nvis, filled out in the original buyers name. I thought that the nvis and bill of sale from the subsequent owner would be enough. Sadly, it doesn't seem to be, according to the the different MTO offices I visited. They seem to be stuck on the fact that the nvis is in someone else's name. Their best suggestion was to track down the original owner, have HIM register it, and the hope that he will be willing to sign it over to me. The problems that I see with that solution are: a) I can't contact him, b) I will then have to pay tax twice on that bike that way, and c) I will have to hope that with a ownership in his name, he then is willing to sign it over to me.

What a nightmare. All I want is to be able to take my boy dirtbiking. There is already next to no riding choice in southern Ontario, but taking Crown land out of the equation really hurts. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Sorry, I have no doubt something like this has been asked a million times.
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Your best bet is to try going through someone with a dealer's licence.
They'll be able to navigate the bureaucracy the easiest. They may charge you a couple of bucks, but well worth it.


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I worked in dealerships for years, they generally don't have any special expertise, they just happen to have their ducks in a row when they register and change ownership.


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If the bike was never registered in Ontario, leave the NVIS at home with the bill of sale. Then got to service Ontario and swear out an affidavit just like you did with your other one.

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How does the ministry enter the bike without the nvis details?
In my case they entered based on a picture of the VIN (with a few other pictures of the bike to make sure). It really should follow the same procedure as you did before with the affidavit. The fact is that you can not contact the original owner.

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