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My son is doing his first restore - a 1972 CB350 K4

Given the popularity of these bikes I’m surprised that Honda don’t stock a lot more parts. Most are NLA including a lot of the Gaskets.

I have a friend that loves CB350’s and has built quite a few for the VRRA and AHRMA. He recommended gaskets from this place

They supply a complete set including gaskets that are not included in other kits like the oil pump and are NLA available from Honda. The material is composite fibre and of very high quality and the fit is spot on. I thought they were better than the Athena ones I used on my YSR restore

He will be using a genuine NOS head gasket though

They ship USPS and it only took about 4 days even with the postal strike

I though I would post here in case anyone needs gaskets that are hard to find for older projects.


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I needed gaskets for my Yamaha DT400C - at the time they were the only site to sell what I needed, but they wouldn't ship to Canada. Ended up getting it through their eBay store. Maybe they've changed their policy? Either way, good quality stuff from what I can tell.


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Yes. I guess they ship to Canada now.

Just finished putting the motor back together today. Very pleased with the quality and would buy from them again.


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Another place for customer gaskets....D&D Engineering - speak to Joval or AJ.

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