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Every Thursday Group ride. Steels and finacial dr Mississauga

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We'll be meeting @ Steels and Financial Dr. Just EAST of Mississauga Rd.

Here's the map.


Meeting at 7:00pm. We'll be leaving by 7:15 the latest.

Pace will be spirited.

Sport bike oriented.

New riders may be intimidated by the pace.

Standard group riding rules apply.
Etiquette will be discussed in a riders meeting conducted before we leave.

Please start the ride with a full tank of gas. We will not stop if you need gas.
We meet at a gas station.

Full tank, empty bladder.

This group will meet every week, weather permitting

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Re: Every Thursday Group ride.

No. I like the way this is working.
Re: Every Thursday Group ride.

No, I like that they have to scroll down to your reply to get a real map to the start location.
If they do that, they're more comitted.
They have to really want to show up.

Make them work for it.
Re: Every Thursday Group ride.

'spirited' 'sportbike oriented'? :):)

please e-mail itinerary with precise route (including GPS coordinates) and time details to cam.woolley at opp dot gov dot on dot ca

It really depends on who shows up Andrew.
I'm hoping to split up into two groups tomorrow.
Oh, okay. I can lead the fast group then, you can follow right behind me if you like.

:p :D

ANYWAY ..... i'm in. I'll have my gps with me and I think I have that route saved that you and I took, so if you need me to lead a second (slower?) group that's cool. You can let me know when we see who/how many show up or I can sweep and pick up if there's another separation. Whatever. I'm easy. (but not cheap eh!)
I might show up again depends on if I get caught up on some assignments. If I do can I lead and sweep my solo group again? lol:rolleyes:
I'm gonna try and leave work at around 4:15pm so that I can make it for this ride...expect to see me.
Hey Guys,

Juat a heads up on the situation out there. I was notified that it looks like someone got nabbed just now (6pm) over on Bronte (Hwy 25) in Oakville . Looks like his bike is on a flat bed, a cop is present, no apparent damage to the bike. I am sumising someone is getting impounded.

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