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ESAB Heliarc AC/DC Inverter TIG Welder


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This is the jewellery of TIG welders, You want to make the stunning welds like the pros? This is the machine that lets you do it. Not a cheapie Can Tire welder.
• Square wave AC output gives superior welding with improved cleaning and lack of rectification
• AC wave balance control- Allows adjustment from maximum cleaning to maximum penetration
• Arcforce control- fine tunes stick welding from soft to high penetration, digging arc
• Two stroke non-HF start or Four stroke with HF start
• Direct connection for TIG torch or Electrode holder (not incl) for greatest convenience
• Small and portable inverter (29lbs)
• 10-160 Amp AC and DC TIG Welding
• Adjustable downslope control
• Presettable start current
• TIG Duty Cycle 40%
• Stick Duty Cycle 35%
• Converted from trigger to pedal operation
• Owned LD-55CF Argon tank (3/4 full)
• Upgraded ball style regulator
• Over $500 worth of spare torch parts and ceramics and
• Aprox 10lb assorted SS and AL weld wire
240V 30A Single Phase Input
This is not a cheap CT welder. A serious high quality inverter TIG welder with a bunch of extras with little use. Welder alone sells for 3-3500 with all the extras you are looking at over 4K in new value. I have a large MIG with an AL spool as well as a Stick I just dont use this very much. Located in Newtonville.


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