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EICMA 2019. Post all new bikes or updates from show


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According to the article its not a production bike, just a symbolic one to commemorate the buyout/partnership
booo that wouldve been awesome, not that I can afford even a regular H2


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The article tells me that it's a prototype. Those aren't cg photos. It's a real machine with a LOT of very expensive components.
I have been wrong before.... But it was a mistake.


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motorcycle.com says "At the moment, there’s no indication the Bimota Tesi H2 is anything but a one-off creation to celebrate the new partnership with Kawasaki " either way, if it ever finds it way to production i'll never drop the money required to ride it anyway


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I've had my eye on the z900 since I started riding again, but didn't go for one as it was missing some features that competitors had and honestly the cluster was horrible. They seem to have addressed all my dislikes and then some with the 2020 model.
I might be trading in both my bikes for one of these soon...



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New 2020 race only rs250 sp.
Looks like a moto3 bike.

Aprilia RS 250 SP Aims to Get Young Riders on the Track

nice bike. this is a bike aprillia says will get young people on the track... ?
I see young people buying 300's -
A 15000$ race bike; with no class for it to race in; is unlikely to be popular for younger people getting on track.
Europe? The unemployment rate for young people, in Spain, for under 25 years old is 25%. reality check aprillia.


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This kinda flew under the radar. Honda CB4 concept, quasi ADV/sport touring bike like the S1000XR


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