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Eicma 2018


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I would like to see the new 2019 gixxer 600/750


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Was really hoping to see some good news about the Yamaha Tenere 700. They've been showing it for a couple years already. In fact, this is it's third appearance at EIMCA. They finally gave a release date ... mid-2020 for N.A. WTF! Very disappointed. Might have to take a closer look at the KTM 790 Adventure R.


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The most interesting bike to come out of EICMA for me is the Aprilia RS 660 Concept. I love the RSV4 and Tuono but they are way too powerful for my needs/wants/skill level. I'd give this middleweight a serious look when it's production ready.

Absolutely gorgeous! why all the european bikes are beautiful? I hope production bike also be as beautiful as the concept.

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^ these are all great but for a sporty bike one can actually own and insure in ontario without ending up in the poorhouse im kinda liking the cbr500r update...just could do without the striping

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