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Do you guys change out your own track tires?


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I have zero desire to change my own tires, I use either the track side vendors or Rosey Toes


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Freshly mounted tires will have super high tire pressures... set those first before going out.

Then for your first session out, ease them in on your out lap and progressively increase lean angles (based on your comfort level or skill) on succeeding laps. By the end of the session, should be nicely scrubbed in and you’ll need to (re)set appropriate hot tire pressures.
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Thanks, I think this would have been my approach too.
For the tire pressure, what do you guys run?
I think I do about 30psi for street. Not sure how different for track.

Roadsmart 2? I wouldn't use those on track unless you're new to track and ride green group.
They're pretty old (check the manufacturing date), which means they've likely started getting harder...

I would say I'm pretty new to track. I've only ever done 2 track days. I got Ace Moto Tech to recommend me a tire that would be good for introductory track. New bike and new to track so I think I should be ok but I'll check the manufacturer date.

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Tire pressures for racetrack use is a fiddly multi-variable headache of its own. Generally it's going to be lower than street-riding pressures, but on sport-touring tires, who knows. 30-ish is a good ballpark guess.


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Changing tire is simple, usually, with a bit of practice.
I used to race hare scrambles, and if you can't change a tire on the side of the trail, with the tools you are carrying, in less than 12 minutes, don't bother coming out.
I installed a pair of Michelin Road smarts the other day mostly with just my hands. I used the spoons on the top of the back side. It took about 15 minutes to install two tires. (I am 62 years old with arthritis and nerve damage in my hands. What's your excuse?)
I keep a bottle of dish detergent (for some reason Dawn dish detergent works best) and water to use as tire lube and to wash my hands when I'm finished (it's something that comes in REAL handy trackside and you use it to lube or wash LOTS of stuff. Don't leave home without it). I wouldn't use windex as it contains ammonium, which will harden the tire rubber.
To set tire pressure: Unless otherwise indicated, you want the tire pressure to increase 10% when the tire gets up to operating temp.
Check the cold tire pressure before you go out, then check the pressure IMMEDIATELY after getting off the track.
If you went out at 30psi and return with tire pressure at 33psi: you're golden.
If you go out at 32psi and return at 34psi; drop pressure (less air= more tire flex = more heat = more air expansion) and try again.

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