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Craft Beer: What are you drinking now??


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Here here! Creamsicle Ale was really good the first few batches, but the last few runs have been bleh. Something has changed @ Railway city and not for the better. Dead Elephant is still consistent though. I prefer Caps Off brewing when I'm visiting my parents in St. Thomas.

Last beer I dumped was "Killer Cupcake Panda" from Flying Monkeys. Tasted like bad cherry cough syrup. Before that the Sawdust City Maple Butter tart beer was down the drain.

Current local favorites are Grain & Grit and Collective (Hamilton) but I'm always hitting all my Hamilton/Burlington locals on the regular. That & the Gueuze in my fridge.
Ok...that makes more sense. I liked Creamsic-ale when I tried it a few years ago. Killer Cupcake Panda wasn’t terrible...agree with the Maple Butter tart...just couldn’t do it.

Last beer I dumped was some Magnotta crap.

Love Grain and Grit. Was just there and was super impressed. Their Slo Mo stout is is the Pinky Swear IPA. Fairweather is also quite good.


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Bronte Harbour Yacht Club, its not a bar persay, its a private club with a bar in it. Oakville west.

re; not blown away by Orange Snail, thats the beauty of the actual craft beer business. The brewers get to make a product that excites and interests them. Its not completely dictated by a team of accountants and its not a 1,000,000 gal problem, if it doesnt sell through then we make something else. The true genious in my opinion are the brew pubs, where they may only make 500?L of a batch and then its off the menu for a few months.
My bro-in-law had his 50th in Bronte Harbour. Can’t recall the venue.

I need to try Orange Snail’s been 3-4 years probably. Good to hear they still going.

Ellicottville Brewing was one of the first brew pubs I remember going to. They’ve really expanded and their beer is now widely available in NY State and Pennsylvania.


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EBC, Ellicotte brewing is a massive success, open a really nice space with great decor in a town known for "sandust floor deepfryer menu" and make an interesting beer in a place where Genesee lager was a big seller..... the timing was perfect. Hard to get a seat on a winter Friday night.


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I visited Market Brewing in Newmarket this week.

I've had a few of their wares at various festivals, but never made a trip up to the actual location.

Their space is beautiful and worth a trip up there.

I had their "Get the Fork Out Breakfast Stout".
Was initially turned off by the description that it was brewed with cinnamon buns and coffee, but was pleasantly surprised by how clean and crisp it was.

Also tried the collaboration they did with Redline Brewing from Barrie.

It's an Imp. Stout weighing in at almost 12% abv.

Big and dark, gives you a nice warming feeling as you sip it and was not overly in your face boozy.


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Tried some Petrus nitro quad from Belgium the other day. Wow. If you like boozy dark beers get some of this. 11.5%

Don't forget to pour it properly, read the instructions on the bottle.


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Picked one of those up yesterday.
Did not try it yet.
The pouring instructions made me laugh.


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Had a very tasty lambic tonight.
Gueuzerie Tilquin à L'ancienne 2018/2019.

Brought back from the brewery in Belgium


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Market Brewing Skull Crusher Imp. Stout.
11.8% abv.

Far too boozy, and no real flavors coming through.

A little disappointing


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I've been going for the gusto with Belgian beer lately; highly recommended.

I had another Delerium Nocturum. World class to my tastes, great value and I have consistent access.

Rochefort 8. A top 10 beer in the world for me and I've been able to get consistent enough access that I want to enjoy it more often. This is a picture of my last sampling a few months ago but I still like to share and see personal pics. Kudos to those who take the time to post their beer pictures, every personal picture post gets thumbs up from me.

Rochefort 10. A top 10 beer in the world for me and again, I've been able to get consistent enough access that I want to enjoy it more often.. Not an old picture .

Westvleteren XII again. A top 10 beer in the world for me. Have tons still. Not an old picture.

If you want to see any pic fit-to-screen right click the image and open image in new tab.

Cheers, have a beer and a great weekend
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