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When you refer to a "moral church", that's exactly what those specific notes try to avoid. It isn't about 'sins' nor is it about 'punishment', from peers or otherwise. It's about navigating the legal system. Posters aren't granted 'absolution for their sins', nor are they offered-up so that other posters can make their own moral judgments. It's about information, pure and simple.

You guys are deleting any negative comments that are posted - no offence, but it does become a church when a poster can come here and only hear what they want to hear, just like Saturday afternoon confessions...

Do you not think that there are times, in which I would like to call someone an irresponsible idiot, or the like? All that would do, is degrade the forum to uselessness.

That thread contained mild-mannered negative comments, telling the OP how both sides of the fence felt about his/her actions - hardly something that would degrade the forum.

Then I'm sorry to say that your posts will not last long. Nor will you. Flaming other members results in infractions, which add up to bans.

No worries, I wouldn't dare question this perfect little Nirvana you folks have running here - I'll go back to lurking the Vendor reviews and the For Sale sections, it's safer there.

Rob MacLennan

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Actually I'm deleting posts with negative comments, that offer no reasonable advice on the topic. On occasion there are negative comments that are allowed to stand, because information was also offered, but it's rare because people who post such comments prefer to pontificate, rather than join the discussion.


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for a lurker you sure are opinionated...

...note the part where I say I'll go back to lurking...meaning that I was out of lurker mode...and therefore allowed to partake in the swapping of opinions...

Thanks for playing, cupcake.

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