Cannonball Rides 2021 - FREE MOTORCYCLE GIVEAWAY, Ride 2 Win |

Cannonball Rides 2021 - FREE MOTORCYCLE GIVEAWAY, Ride 2 Win


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Great news - all of the rides have now been posted.

You have the option to pre-register for FREE of course but stand the chance of picking up some cool FREE Joe Rocket Swagger for doing so!

Take the time to review the ride opportunities, There are 82 cannonball rides stretching across all of Canada. Each province is listed, Ontario has the largest selection of rides.

Anyone interested in putting on some miles and possibly WINNING FREE Gear or maybe even a FREE MOTORCYCLE - This could be the ride worth doing this summer.

Cannonball Rides officially launch May 1st 2021 and will run Until Oct 15th 2021

For any additional details please visit the website.


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I did it a few years ago. Fun to run into the same bikers at the checkpoints and on the ferry.
With the open date format, it would be better to ride with friends

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Nice idea.... Not sure if there are any OG members out there that still ride but wouldn't mind doing one the shorter ones with you.


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What's an OG member?

The only thing I didn't like about it is that the checkpoints are at motorcycle dealerships, which makes sense, but most dealerships aren't located in very nice riding destinations. The one in Bracebridge had good vibes though.

Also, little tough on a 125cc bike. I'll only do that once.

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