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Buying the First Bike


Any particular insurance company you'd recommend going with?
I ended up going with Desjardins. From what I remember, Allstate gave me a better quote but when I called to set it all up the guy told me he made a mistake 🙄 and that it didn't apply to me since it was my first motorcycle policy.


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Any particular insurance company you'd recommend going with?
Call them all. There is no rhyme or reason to motorcycle insurance rates.
I got a decent deal with Rider Plus
Just to show how stupid Ontario insurance is....
Mitchellwhale quoted me $4400.00 on a 2012 Ducati monster 796.
RiderPlus $1200.00
Keep phoning around.

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Thanks for your reply!

Well, in regards to insurance, I'm 27 (male) with a full G licence and a clean record. I do live in Scarborough so I know that will be a con towards insurance rates. I will definitely be doing the motorcycle safety course as well so hopefully that lowers the rate. Also, thats another reason why I'm opting in getting a smaller bike versus a larger one, to avoid high insurance. I should be able to include this under preexisting insurance that I have as well.

Honestly, I just thought that if I get an older bike that I won't need to spend nearly as much on it but this is where inspecting the bike and doing my due diligence is going to come into play. The current owner mentioned that he installed a new battery and cleaned the chain and that the bike is functional with good working break pads. But I have yet to ask him further questions as I'm waiting for him to get back to me.

I'm gonna have to really think this over as to whether I wanna take a chance on an older model with potential future maintenance, or, one that is more recent (2013) and has also been taken care of.

Decisions, decisions!
FYI older bikes are NOT cheaper on insurance..... SMALLER is cheaper, bigger is more, and the younger the rider the more the engine size factors into the rate. Keeps getting better as you get more years licensed under your belt and older.
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Good luck finding your first bike! I took the safety course and got my M2 last fall. The good thing about taking a course before getting a bike is that you might change your mind after trying different bikes at riding school. Before my course I was eying on Honda Rebel 300 or 500, then I changed my mind as I rode Honda CQ150 during the course... I also like Honda CBR150R, but couldn't handle the aggressive seating position. Then after the course someone told me about the Yamaha MT-03. Sat on it at the dealer, like it, bought it, now looking forward to my first riding season. Wish there were used MT-03 around but there are very few. It came out in North America only a few years ago. Insurance agent said it is a good choice for insurance rate too.

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