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Blairhampton Rd - Minden


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What is Blairhampton Rd like? I want to try out this shortcut from hwy 21 (Haliburton) to hwy 35 (Minden). Headed out tomorrow!


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Roughish road but fun. Some of my buddies won't ride it because it's a bit harsh with frost heaves, broken blacktop and some loose sand. I always enjoyed it though.
You might want to check out Deep Bay road and Kushog rd if your in the area.


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I used to like riding 35 north of Minden. It is a ton of fun if you ride the comfortable speed for the road and ignore the speed limit signs. After 172, not so fun anymore as the speed limits are excessively low in much of that stretch.

As for places to stop, I just stop at KD. As an alternate, the driveway to the lookout over KD has a couple interesting corners in it, but they're blind and often have some knob coming the other way that is intruding in your lane.

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