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Bills Are For Real


gringo diablo
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after 20 years of hiding our heads in a paper sack
us Bills fans can take the bag off, and be proud again

anyone here alive when they were a 90's dynasty?
the K-gun no huddle offense.....put up 40 points in a half?

not saying we're back to that
but the Bills have a swagger that I haven't seen in an LONG time

taking down the Cowboys on the road on Thanksgiving Day is quite something


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Is this that “rugby with pads” game those American folks play that lasts half a day and takes a small village to make up a team?
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Went to Buffalo to watch them take on the Vikings in a pre-season game this year and was impressed. Haven't seen them play like that in a long time and it got me interested in the team again. Still I didn't expect them to do this well this year, guess they are for real.
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The 6-5 Cowboys? (now 6-6)

SunnY S

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oh yeah, I remember the 90s very well...

Boy I Love Losing Superbowls....

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