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Bikes with character...


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It sure would make the cottage commute less boring. He might as well try the 300 as well it has lots of character as a 65 hp thumper tends to.

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He's going to be at your place all day. Find a tool you need to borrow from his dad and he can go and "supervise" you while you use it. That gives him a good story for the wife.


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This sounds expensive for me

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You!? I’m the one that apparently bought a bike.

Looks like @Lightcycle is my sugar daddy…this is weird but if it gets me a new bike…don’t tell my wife.


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If someone buys my bike then I need a new one and I have expensive taste.

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Did I mention Oakville Duc has another sp2?


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Hah! I've got one of these stashed under a boatload of boxes at my parents house. My first forary into manual shifting motorcycles. 2 gears and didnt go very quick at all.
Same one ? Or Chinese version of it.

If it's the same one. I want it. Let's talk


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Let's split up my riding history.

Character rich bikes:
Yamaha Radian YX600
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11D
Triumph Daytona T595
Suzuki TL1000S
Kawasaki Z125
Honda CB750K
Suzuki SV650S

Character poor bikes:
Honda VF500F
Suzuki GS500E
Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX
Honda 919

Kawasaki Ninja EX500
Honda CBR125
Suzuki GSXR600 (year ?? 97-07 let's say)


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Always love these responses thanks everyone!

Guess I’m the problem ☹️

And … you got me @sburns minimum second thread on this…stupid sexy Sportster.

Although I’d be lying if an older Monster 696/796 didn’t catch my eye.
Ahhh now I know where this is coming from, it has to do with @Evoex new beast, spreading that influence. I think a few players want to up their game ;)

So whadda gonna do????

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