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I wanted a 2 X 2 LED light fixture for the shop and saw one at HD for $170. Hmmm, how about the electrical distributor down the road?

They had to order it in (2-3 days) but was 1/3 the price. They also beat the big box stores on name brand tools and the staff knows what they are talking about.

McDonalds. For about the same amount of coin you can get real food elsewhere, especially if you like ethnic.

Big box brain washing. We're big so we must be cheap.


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Good for you for shopping around. Sometimes HD pricing can be way off.

This week I picked up a 4’ 1-light LED utility/shop light for above my tool box.

Cdn Tire regular price is $25

Got it on sale for $15

HD has the identical product for $45

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Last time I went to McDonald's, a Big Mac meal rung it at $10! I couldn't believe it.
That's all I needed to discourage me from going to McD's ever again!
Lots of better/cheaper options.
Big box prices do not = quality.

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