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Best UJM of all time?


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Lights and a plate bracket and I'd ride it on the street.

That's a REALLY cool TR replica. I'm building something like that, I am a BIG fan of the RD fuel tank, BUT I think if you're building a GT750/TR750 you've missed the mark unless you're running the Swarbrick pipes.
Suzuki TR750 - November 2018 Window Bike
That's a CMR, from Trenton Ontario, framed TR replica.
The biggest problem with the GT750 package is the axe handle and a half long crankshaft, and the 510# curb weight... and the frame (the later big GS's frame is almost identical to the TR frame) which is as rigid as a limp noodle


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When someone says "UJM" I picture a CB750.
When I picture a CB750, I think of super bike racing.
So, in the end, to me a "UJM" is a 4 cylinder, air cooled, dual shock, 1000cc "sit up and beg" bike
IE: GS1000/1100, KZ900/1000, CB900/1000/1100F (Yamaha, at the time, still ruled the world with their two strokes so the best they could do was the FZ750... what a LUMP!)
Out of which the GS1000/1100 were/are the best, for super bike racing, therefore the "BEST" UJM.

... and a Ducati 888 would walk away from any of these AND be a LOT easier to ride
You had to BE Eddie Lawson to go that fast on a KZ. Those bikes are notorious for BAD handling. Still are... but the GS was/is the best of the bunch. I've raced all three. I kept the GS1000.
A friend of mine used to wrench for Lang Hindle in Lang's glory days. I still laugh at the stuff they did to that bike to try to get it to handle... it REALLY needed a new frame. Eddie's bikes got new frames.


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If I had to pick just one it would be the original Honda CB750. Absolutely groundbreaking in terms of technology, performance, value and reliability.

Revolutionized motorcycling and was the death knell of the British motorcycle industry.


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My second bike after I got my bike license, 1983 Suzuki gs400e. First was a honda xr250l.

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