Bar end mirrors, worth it? |

Bar end mirrors, worth it?


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Greeting fellas!

I purchased bar end mirrors and tried to install it because I thought it is pretty easy and I would nee only pliers and a screw driver. I need bigger pliers to take off bar ends...

I started questioning myself if I need it. I mean, it looks cool and people say its better than stock but I own Honda CB300R. Won't it vibrate too much? Even when (if) i will take out bar handle weights(or how do you call it).

I got something like these
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Opinions? Advices?


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I had some installed on my ninja 300 couple years ago, as bad as stock mirrors were, the bar ends were much worse. I rather do the chicken wing dance than not see anything at all. But I'm a bigger guy, 6'2 and wide shoulders.


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I had some installed on my ninja 300 couple years ago, as bad as stock mirrors were, the bar ends were much worse. I rather do the chicken wing dance than not see anything at all. But I'm a bigger guy, 6'2 and wide shoulders.
I'm also 6ft2, slim but wide shoulders and I totally understand the chicken dance reference. My Ninja 300 mirrors are useless unless I tuck my arms into my sides. At least I can see the Alpinestars embroidery on my arms while I ride #scenepoints

Bar end mirrors look cool but only on standard/cafe style bikes IMO. I can't see them being very useful being so low down and further back than the standard mirrors.


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they are essential for checking to see if the beard wax is holding while you ride


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I had the same ones but didn't like them because I tend to hold the bars a bit outward, so my palms were hitting the connecting metal (the black part).

I ended up getting a pair that goes outward with a swoop that feels much better.

After using them, they're not better for safety and practicality.
1) you're looking away from your normal line of sight when looking at mirror
2) can't adjust freely without tools
3) makes bars wider (i have small garage)

However, I do use them because it makes the bike look so much better. Make sure to use thread lock on bolts mine fell off while riding and I have a small mirror missing. Surprisingly it held up otherwise.

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I was concerned that i would have to look away to check out whats behind me.
And yeah, looks wider so dunno how I feel about that because sometimes don't want to stand in traffic. For that matter, foldable mirrors would do this job but they are more expensive.
Anyway, i am considering now to return because:
- I do not own tool to install it and i dont want to buy 1 tool and use it once(maybe return it afterwards hmmmmm)
- I feel like I will look away too much
But it kind of makes the bike cooler and lower. Especially my neo cafe racer.


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I've used them on one of my bikes. It's not perfect, but it was better than the view of my shoulders. As long the mirror is convex, vibration isn't much of a problem. Cheap flat glass mirrors don't work.
As mentioned, don't use pliers to remove the handlebar ends. Look at a parts diagram or shop manual to see the they come out.

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A couple of issues: You may need to squirm around like a contortionist while riding to see behind, they may vibrate like crazy as well as your handgrips from removing the vibration dampening bar ends, dropping the bike will result in more than scraping a bar end.

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Pliers?? You will need allen keys for most sets I have used. I personally am a big fan and think they are great although i only use one on the left bar. No vibrations like stock and even better than my last set of Rizoma mirrors.


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Bar end mirrors break so easily when your bike wants to take a nap..... plus theyre so small and does not show nearly as much of the road as other mirrors, slight adjustment from my experience.


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The original styles of bar end mirrors such as Stadium & Napoleon work very well IMO. Plus they look more appropriate on older bikes, retro styled bikes, & cafe bikes. More so on drag/flat bars, clipons, & clubman/ace bars. It's these newer style little round ones that are of quite limited use.


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I just put them on the MT09. they're a pain in the ass to see out of (mostly because of the size & magnification) but they look way better and I'm willing to try them out. I used a spacer with the OEM weighted bar ends so I have no vibration. I figure it's just a matter of getting used to.

The only reason I use mirrors on motorcycles is to have a general idea of what traffic looks like behind you. When changing lanes, I shoulder check always anyways

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