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Accessories Relay and Fuse setup


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Fusion 360 is free to hobbyists and startups making less than 100k a year.

Fusion 360 is not the easiest. I started with sketchup for a bit, but moved to Fusion 360 just because I plan on doing this more and would like to use something reasonably powerful. Fusion 360 uses this concept where everything is drawn in 2D sketches on the 3d model and then extruded outward from there, building the model by extruding or cutting away with 2D planes.

I used this 3 video series as a starter and the basis for this box.


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If you want the files for the box, you can have them. Like I said, they are in Fusion 360 and they are a little rough as I'm still learning to use it.
I'd be interested in the files.
Thanks for offering

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