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A Warning to Motorcyclists in Hamilton

On September 19, I rode my motorcycle into Dundas and I parked at a metered parking space on King Street West. In order to give room to the large van parked in the space behind me, I parked the motorcycle in the middle of the space corresponding to that meter. I put sufficient money into the meter, went to the bank, and returned to find a parking ticket on my saddle.

Bewildered, I approached the parking officer and asked why I had been ticketed, and she explained that I had not parked the motorcycle adjacent to the parking meter. I explained that I had left some space as a courtesy to the van formerly parked behind me and to minimize the risk of having my motorcycle knocked over when its driver departed, to no avail.

The officer indicated that I could appeal to the City of Hamilton office in Dundas. Those instructions were incorrect. The only place to appeal parking tickets is the Hamilton Municipal Parking Office located Downtown Hamilton, and their office hours are designed to be as inconvenient as possible for anyone who works: Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.

Feeling wronged and convinced that the parking officer had mis-applied the by-laws, I drove to the Parking Office during my lunch break the following day and explained the situation, expecting that common sense would prevail. Not a chance. The parking official quoted article 8 (5) (e) of the bylaws, which states that “No person shall park a vehicle in any meter area listed in Schedule 5, except at a parking meter, save and except that this shall not apply to prohibit parking where a meter has been destroyed, damaged or removed and has not yet been replaced.” He condescendingly explained to me that parking at a parking meter means that one must park at a parking meter, which is not the same thing as parking in the space corresponding to that meter.

At that point, it became obvious that further arguments, however compelling, would be futile. I was told that I could further appeal this decision, but the fine would then increase and the hearing would take place at a date and time that would be convenient to the Parking Office (and not to me).

The message from the Hamilton Municipal Parking Office is that parking a motorcycle in a designated space, in a manner that is safe and courteous to other drivers will not be tolerated and will be punished with a $26 fine, which increases to $33 if not paid promptly. I now understand the contempt that many residents of the city hold for the Office.

So, fellow motorcycle riders, be forewarned: either park at the parking meter or be $26/$33 poorer.
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Joe Bass

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...and then when a car decides that it should share your space and then a) your bike gets hit or b) you get a ticket for putting your bike in a space with a car (because I'm sure that will happen--not being sarcastic)

Things should make sense in this world, but they don't.

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They're wuick to ticket you when you try to protect your bike and park in a more safe manner. But when my bike was hit and really damaged while parked correctly (according to their by laws), they wouldnt even send an officer to the scene!


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I would fight this. You paid the meter and appear to have correctly parked in the designated spot. It should be irrelevant where you park within the spot as long as your bike is within the marked lines.
D-J: Thanks for the support. Unfortunately, parking tickets are a big revenue generator for the City and the system is designed to make it virtually impossible to have them overturned. As I noted, I went through the first appeal step with no success. In the end, I had to place a value on my time, so I just paid the fine. Most people end up doing the same. <sigh>


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Legislation will catch up once they finally pull the coin-op meters. At least the old by-law means that the parking fines are pretty low
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And this friends, is the reason why Ontario should have not gotten rid of courts for parking infractions.

From reading OP's thread, it appears the role is reversed now: he had to prove (and failed) that he should not have received the ticket. Remember the old days when it was the parking enforcer's role to prove that the ticket was warranted?


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Call your Alderman and the Alderman where it was parked and complain.

See if the local paper will put in a public service announcement for motorcyclists.

See if you can get some publicity; this shouldn't happen and politicians will distance themselves quickly, when it comes to light.
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x2, contact the media and/or hound one of your city councillors, or hell, the mayor. Be polite, but firm, and include the photos.

And people wonder why so many people have a hate on for municipal LEO's. That's a real ********* move on their behalf especially since you DID actually pay for the parking.


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Meter maids are the worst of law enforcement .


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To those saying contact media, I read this exact post on the Hamilton Spectator app this afternoon.
Thanks everyone. Yes, I followed your advice and forwarded my original post to the Hamilton Spectator. I am surprised that they published it, and so quickly!


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Is that a rule to try and prevent two bikes from sharing one spot? It's the only rationale I can think of, and it's retarded.

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