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  • I don't want a wing suit my first time!!!

    I'm interested in the dive but not ready to commit. I will monitor the thread and let you know if I decide to "take the plunge".
    SkyDiving this summer - are you in?

    Thanks for replying to the thread in romper room
    I want a wing suit too but I don't think first timers are allowed. Are you interested in joining the SkyDiving this summer? Not sure "having my ear" qualifies as a commitment. Date and time to be ironed out.

    hey man got the bike all fixed up yet? i ordered new fairings, cant wait to be back on the road hehe
    hi man. sry to hear about your crash. where do you get these prices from for the fairings? can't be from a dealer...?
    hey man it was cool meeting you. i should really install the heated grips too lol.
    hey man where abouts are you? i ride a 07 red fizzer too. see you at the road awareness ride =D
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