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A really pleasant insurance experience for a first time rider

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the site, and wanted to share my experience getting insurance. I called around to numerous insurance places and brokers with quotes ranging from $1900-$2400/year. I tried Intact, BrokerLink, Allstate and atleast 3 more.

The bike is a 2012 Triumph Tiger 800, I'm 30 with no tickets or claims.

My Allstate agent actually put me in touch with a friend of hers that used to work with her but moved on to the Billyard Insurance Group. It took a few days to get the quote but it was $990...I just got my M1 in August 2018 and M2 in October and am riding a 2012 Triumph Tiger 800.

They might be worth a call anyone else currently getting railed...like my 24 year old friend with a 2013 Road King who paid $5600 this year.


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tiger 800 for first bike? damn son!


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Hmm new member and the first post is about insurance... call me skeptical. :sneaky:
No contact details of how to call this amazing insurance group?


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hmmm, yeah
what are the chances OP is connected to the Billyard Insurance Group?
good call SB


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To be fair my first post here recently was shilling for Dalton Timmis because I got a 50% cheaper rate, I expected to get called out on the same thing as OP is. Just saying not necessarily just promotion. Absolutely no connection to them otherwise.


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Could really be share the nice info. If they really were here to promote, wouldn't you think they do a better job by including the contact information? ;)


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Good catch, I missed the connection - a first (and likely last) time poster raving about a commercial product. Reviews on the company are all five star and dated within a few days of each other. An employee Suzanne Robinson is listed as an underwriter. Same last name as OP. Broker based in Welland so rate is not applicable to GTA.
Hey guys, I just remembered to check back on this. I can assure you all I have zero connection to anyone at Billyard except for my Agent (His name was Dami) @HarleyHare You got me, every person with the last name Robinson is in on this gig... I thought I could sneak by, but you caught me, I didn't think anyone would delve into the names of underwriters of the company looking for a connection....you know this all started when Jackie Robinson took out a policy when he was playing baseball. That man's underwriter? Albert Einstein.

Now joking aside, I'm actually in Thunder Bay, so a 2h flight from T.O.

This was genuinely a post saying they gave me a really good rate, I would hope that anyone shopping for insurance would just go with the lowest price and not with "Some bro online said they were solid, so that's good enough for me to only get the one quote!"

If anyone wants some more info I'll make sure to not just abandon this post...again...


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Probably because Thunderbay has really cheap insurance rates vs the GTA lol


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Probably because Thunderbay has really cheap insurance rates vs the GTA lol
I am not so sure about that, they drive like maniacs up there, eveyone is speeding everywhere, it's kinda strange.
But in terms of density yes it should be less expensive.

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