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A noobs 1984 Magna rebuild


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Nice upgrade to taper bearings in the steering head! Taper bearings are significantly superior to the OEM caged ball bearing that you will probably even notice an improvement in the bikes handling stability.

If you only drained the forks and did not completely dismantle them for cleaning, you should consider replacing the fluid again very soon. Front forks typically have 2 teflon coating on brass bushings the forks actually slide on, those should be examined for wear and replaced occasionally, particularly if the fork seals have failed (worn bushings are the major cause of seal failure). The slide bushings carry 100% of the load and the fork seals do nothing except to hold the oil in. Clean your front forks just like you would clean a gun.

:thumbup: nicely done for a noob, ride safe and have tons of fun.


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Couple things were done over the last year. Mostly just riding it, put over 15000km on last season. Main gas line split over the winter so both tanks were flushed and all new lines and fuel filters were added. Decided to change the color to a flat metallic bronze, fresh tires, custom choke cable, new black trim, custom seat and new cover, some exhaust wrap, and removed the exhaust baffles. I chopped a few inches off the tail as well to tuck the plate up a bit and clean her up. Still runs like brand new!


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