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2021 GTA Photo Tag!


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Old: Jing Yin Temple, 722 Brimley Rd, Scarborough, ON M1J 1C2




Since it's all about having fun and getting out to ride or see new places, feel free to take a picture anywhere along the road as I understand it may be difficult and unsafe to capture the sign! Acceptable example:



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Soulcatcher..hmm, that name rings a bell....JK...in this case the name insectcatcher would be better suited
It should, pretty sure he'll be back next month so we all should step up our photo tag game, as I am sure with the new wheels he'll be itching to ride!

My bike is loaded with bugs right now, may have to clean it or something 🙄 ..


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Ooooo, would love to tag along one day. Always had an interest in archery too.

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I used to go every Thursday night and Sunday afternoon in the before times but I haven't even gone at all this year. At this point I feel like just hitting the target will be a win.

But you're welcome to join, I'll let you know when I'm heading there again.

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