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2020 MotoGP Discussion (NO LINKS)


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the 2020 world champ ran a smart race !
I hope rins wins the last race.
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Congrats to Mir, and Suzuki. They played to their strengths and made the most of a very turbulent year.

I'd forgotten about this stunning performance before the crash

I wonder what Marc's recovery will be like after this 3rd surgery. Its sad to say but I kind of felt that despite giving the benefit of the doubt to Dr. Mir's on his work on his humorous from that picture (I'm not a surgeon after all) I posted from his social media in the begining of the season and how it made me worried as it looked poorly done to me. I related it to a bad furniture repair job done in a crappy hotel I stayed at once in and sadly my intution turned out to be correct. Obviously Marc returning to ride the following week at Jerez 2 was mistake, but after reading a detailed response from an orthepdic surgery this week about the work done, in short it was overkill with the plates and screws, its quite clear that it was very bad and could have long lasting effects.

Marc may never be the same ever again and the atrophy to his bone, muscle and possibility of the nerve damage being permanent is real. As a fan of Marc we all knew the injuries would be what caught up to him before the competition would and we wanted him to never change, but somehow we all assumed he'd still be a top rider even after this injury as he continued to decimate the field making them seem like they were in completely different categories entirely. I think this is another sobering part of 2020 that makes us all realize that we're all vulnerable to these occurrence, regardless of who you are and however unlikely they may seem at the time. The near brush with death by the Yamaha team at Austria 1/2 being another wake-up call, that I think led to Crutchlow finally deciding to hang up his leathers as a racer.


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don't think there are any doctors here?

the plate and a dozen drywall screws
maybe that was okay?? I don't know
given time to heal and take all that hardware out

trying to race in that condition a few days later was nuts
should never have been allowed

I do hope he's able to return to form
would have made this season a lot more competitive

would he have been able to make this year's bike work with that new rear tire?


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don't think there are any doctors here?

This was on another site, I read it with slight skepticism, then I went back to the image I posted and remembered how many screws were drilled into the bone and how that slanted one stood out to me at the time. Again, not being a surgeon I defer entirely to people who actually operate on Humans to substantiate those earlier concerns.

And you're right, Marc was foolish to come back so early, and while its easy to say in hindsight it was a mistake the reality is that DORNA and the Medical Team should have had more stringent tests before they let him get on a bike, especially once we all saw those images he posted. I don't care how many pushups you're able to do it should be mandatory to sit out at least a few races if you have that much metal supporting your bone that you need to hang on and throttle/control a 300+hp bike.

Its really scary to think this really may have already ruined the career of what was on steady course to be it's most illustrious rider in all of GP History because of a rush to allow him to get back on the bike. I'm not writing Marc off, he is honestly the toughest SOB I have even seen ride on 2 wheels; when he crashes at 150mph runs to the pit and then sets pole and lap records... I seriously think all the hype behind him is not only warranted but that I want to see how far it will take him. In short: if anyone can recover it's him. But I seriously now have this sense of dread that this may have been more than his body can handle anymore and that he will never be the same.

I'm originally a 'cager' with a background in Time attack and GT motorsports, and I only got into motorcycles in my 30s and it was clear that bikers are a different breed entirely and are willing to endure way more pain and injuries just to get back on a bike and get some track time, even as privateers in nothing more than club racing series.

I got my endorsement from a school run by an ex AMA rider (and total Rossi fanboy that hated JLO) and a professional MX guy as my instructors, the AMA guy had his spine fused; he rode like that for a season before he had to call it quits as he was no longer competitive after that. The MX guy who was the most extreme in my opinion had actually gotten Lyme disease 5 years into his career after helping design the layout of a new track somewhere in the middle of nowehere in the E. Coast for his sponsor and had been riding for something like 12 years that way.

Suffice it to say you guys are a different breed to me, and I admire bikers a great deal for their level of commitment to jump back on what are essentially high speed death machines with no real hesitation, often haphazardly, especially after the damage I still deal with from a relatively low speed low-side from street riding that messed up 3 of my vertebrae.

But the thought that injury was possible at the highest level, with Dorna's Medical Team and HRC's golden goose makes me wonder if their will have to be a body to keep racers from self-sabotaging their careers moving forward--I'm convinced getting back on the bike was Marc's decision and no one else's. Like one that is mandated in their contract to ensure the proper period of time off for extensive surgery is successful. Cal's arm after his botched pump surgery looked horrible, the 2nd one was somehow worse, and the swelling on his forearm after he raced was cartoonish and yet he kept getting back on the bike to try and secure a ride only to finally admit that he had to retire and be a test rider position.

The younger generation that looks up to Marc is probably willing to bet it all just to have had the ability to ride against him in his prime, Jorge Martin's Moto 3 championship was another one that really made question if these guys are capable of seeing past the next checkered flag let alone think about the long term damage they are inflicting on themselves. Martin rode with a fractured arm and continued to do so even until he finished the season and won his Moto 3 title, only to spend 1 year in Moto2 and get moved up to GP. He could have easily had another crash that season and caused permanent damage to his arm, I think it was his Right side.


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Was never a fan of Marcs personality and still can't forget how he screwed Rossi over. But as a fan of the sport I really do hope Marc recovers fully and comes back at 100%. He definitely is one of the greatest out there. This year has been a real interesting year in the race for the MotoGP winner. But I really wonder , now matter how good the current riders are . When MM is out there , he make them look like second rate riders. As much as I hate to admit it. MM is beyond anyone else out there. Wish him well and hopes he comes back healthy.


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re Crutchlow signing with Yamaha as test rider

even in retirement, this guy is a little biotch



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edit: there's a spoiler below
stop reading if you are for some reason reading this thread and haven't seen the race

fun race
I like that track, the HP advantage of some of the bikes seems to make little difference
hills and tight turns, no long straights, should keep it on the circuit

new track to most of the racers and new, black pavement was interesting
seasoned racers blowing the race line and 2 other bikes playing follow the leader

great performance from Oliveira
pole, great start, hammer down the whole way
didn't put a tire wrong
great outing for the home town boy

Yamaha, ugh, lots of work to do

the champ? hello?
where are you?
asterisk championship

one thing (racer) would have made that more fun
MM would have destroyed that track

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