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2019 MotoGP Discussion (No links)


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Cue Winales_2017 in 3... 2... 1...

And, not in the time frame you'd think I'd show up, either...

Lol @ Lin Jarvis post, the guy has permament resting ***** face, and this is from somene who has it, too. But I occasionally break out of it if I'm excited about stuff. Which as you said, never changes regardless of positive or negative situation.
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Fun vid with the Marquez bros in Cervera:

Honda Thanks day with Cal on an HRC NSR:

The NSR has an insane howl at WOT.

Damn... I just realized now that the year is about to come to an end, its like how I only know Summer is here when LeMans race is on.
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Sad day. That Honda pretty much ended his career. He would have given MM93 a run for the championship on the Ducati this year had he not left.


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He would have given MM93 a run for the championship on the Ducati this year had he not left.
I agree. As soon as they got the bike the way he wanted he won 3 races before the injuries started. He was the only rider fast enough to challenge Marc over a full season, but the injuries and the Honda ended that chance. What a sad way to end a stellar career.



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curious thing is that just about everybody knew the Honda was not suitable for his riding style
Lorenzo must have known it too

did Honda - Puig, snow him into thinking they could make the bike work for his smooth style?

agree it is a sad way to see a guy with still so much left in the tank to go out
busted up because he was on the wrong bike


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Interesting read about JLo: Lorenzo's battle back from injury - against his subconscious

He had been riding scared for a while. No sense risking a wheelchair-bound future after winning so much over the years.

Salud Jorge 🍻
Good read! Thanks for sharing.

Not too much chatter on here after the race. I guess most probably found it as boring as I did lol... I'm glad Zarco is fine after getting wiped out. I think it might have helped that he didn't see it coming and just got completely swept off his feet. It could have been a lot worse if he was still on the ground!

Thoughts on next season? Quartararo's performances have been interesting... If the Yamaha had a bit more power, would he be up there challenging Marc for the title? How will AM73 fare in his first MotoGP season? I really liked watching Brad Binder ride in Moto2 - the most entertaining for me - I hope he has more success than Zarco did with KTM.

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Jorge Lorenzo had more smiles on his face and talked to more reporters in the weekend of his retirement than in a long time prior ...

The situation with Zarco is why they always tell you to face traffic when you are in an impact zone, although Zarco proved he's human ... hardly anyone who has just fallen off a race bike has the presence of mind to be thinking about that. Could have been a lot worse, if the incoming bike had tumbled.

Quartararo is supposed to be getting the full factory bike next year, although who knows what the differences actually are. Yamaha needs to work on mo' power for sure.

Having the Marquez brothers as teammates will be really interesting. I predict team orders between themselves ...

I'm not up to speed on the silly season stuff. (Is anyone?) Where's Zarco ending up?

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