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    Our Experiences with Air Canada Fly Your Bike 2019

    Lakeshore & Lesley this Thursday ?? Now that you are in town you globetrotting super stars ?? ;) 🏍 (y)
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    riding in Spain

    ifiddles you are correct. When I lived there I carried my Suomi as hand luggage and enjoyed it there. They can do the same ;) (y) :cool:
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    riding in Spain

    OK start shopping around, there must be stores in Barcelona that can get you a helmet at a price you like. Do not convert into CND $ try to think like the locals.
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    Heading to PA . Wednesday in Thursday out . AUG 14-15

    Did it last long weekend it was great. Safe rides and enjoy 🏍 ;) 🆒 (y) (y) :cool:
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    Dessert Mondays?

    Way back in the days before facebook/instagram etc the "veterans" used to get together @ D&Q on Pottery road every Monday weather permiting. OHHHHHHH so much innocence, and then came L&L Thursdays with a small crowd. No posers no hipsters, just a group of motorcycle enthusiasts. I miss those days
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    riding in Spain

    Man just buy a helmet there. There is a store called Motocar in Barcelona and several others. They have models/designs we will never have here ... Roof etc..
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    riding in Spain

    Anywhere you go in Spain is amazing. Barcelona-mount Tibidabo, here is a good link 75 Motorcycle Roads Catalunya Spain Enjoy I am jelous, I lived there for 4 months and had a blast
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    Quit our jobs, sold our home and everything in it, gone riding...

    Thank you very much for the info, now I am going for the hunt (y)🏍;);)
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    Quit our jobs, sold our home and everything in it, gone riding...

    As many times before, I am living vicariously through your adventure. My hat down to both of you for the dream, persistence and stamina to live the adventure of a lifetime. I have a question, what type of laptop/computer are you using to arrange the video's/photos. I would like to get something...
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    FortNine customer service wins again.

    OK people FortNine wins again. Ordered 2 sets of tires they show up on my doorstep in 1 day ( ordered in the AM they were here the next day AM) EXCEPTIONAL is only the beginning. They have not let me down from day 1. Thank you (y)🆒:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
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    2019 MotoGP Season Opener

    What a race i watched it on Mobdro and loved it. If it continues like this we are going to have a GREAT season.
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    Yep that is it. There is also a nice theme park on the top. There is a public transport bus ( I forgot the number) that will take you there. It is very much worth the trip. You can rent a scooter near the "Feniqular" the gondola and then you can cruise in style ( it is pretty economical). Let me...
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    Well that is nice. Have you gone to Tibidabo when you were in Barcelona. The road to there is quite nice and the view is amazing
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    what type of laptop to use for video editing

    Hey people, Wondering what laptop would you recommend for light to moderate video editing (Premier Pro CS6/Davinci Resolve)? I would not mind used/not the newest model, since I am on a budget. Thank you for the suggestions
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    New bike for the Royal Highness advise

    Hello all GTAMR's I bought my wife her first bike 2004 Ninja 250 and now am looking for some advice. Where can we find more info on which frame sliders and recessed blinkers to install on her bike. This is to minimize damage in the event of a fall/tip over. Good advice is welcome. Thankx

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