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  • Thanks Mel! I really appreciate that advice! Hopefully I'll find something during the winter then :) All the best and safe riding!
    LOL to funny gurl!!!! since i got my baby gurl bike i have had to put alot of money into her so i wont be getting a new one for years hahaha but my hieght makes a huge issue with sport bikes so the low cruisers seem to fit me better :) ttys
    Ohhh thats terrible! I hope youre feeling better!!

    The funni things is, i recently sliced my thumb open making dinner.. and have a huge bandage on it!! so ill need about a week or so also!!
    But as for the name thing.. lol alot of ppl that have met me on this site end up calling me that.. My name is actually Sey. I put Misssey without using an underscore or period lol!! BUT IS OK!! if its makes our 'bond' stronger.. what the hell i dont mind lol!!

    I saw your post on the introductions thread for ladies of GTAM.. i am currently riding the same bike as you are! When are you available for a ride.. it would be pretty bad ass two girls on the same bike!! haha
    let me know Im from KW btw.
    Yes. It was great. No traffic on #400 and got off on Aurora Sideroad and did a lttle bit of backroads riding home. No wind on way home. Take care and I'll let you guys know of any good rides coming up. Cheers. Louis
    It was good, tear down was easy and then went home for some much needed sleep :)
    SWEET Im assuming we are still a go for liftoff, so I will head there right after work. Weather looks nice.
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