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    hidden camera in the living room?

    hi there, i live with roommates and my computer is in the living room. does anyone know if it is legal for me to put a hidden camera near my computer because i suspect a roommate has been messing with my computer? thanks! ps: can anyone cite a law from somewhere?
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    contractual law in ontario, where can you go read up on it?

    hi there, so my cell is with rogers. im getting a $25 discount per month as part of my retention plan. but just today they told me i'm not "supposed" to be getting that much off. and their "revenue" department may or may not call me to tell me they can no longer give me $25 off. i'm already 6...
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    question about wheel bolt pattern

    so my car has a 5x114.3 pattern. does this mean i can buy ANY wheel that has the same pattern and it will fit on my car? thanks.
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    anyone ever had the JP defer judgement to a later date?

    and what was your outcome? i went through trial, after closing statements the JP said to come back in a month then he will make a verdict.
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    seems like bike thieves don't steal 250s?

    seems like every other week a bike gets stolen from condo parking. but my buddy who's been living in a condo for 5 years now with his kawi 250 and it's still here. so does this mean if you live in a condo and don't want your bike jacked. get a bike no thief wants?
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    is it normal for bike shops to charge "more" for labour?

    so took the bike to dealer (which shall remain nameless for now) for 1st service. which actually took 1 hr. then at the service counter im getting ready to pay, the lady put down 1 hr on the computer. then she realized it's first service, changed the 1 hr to 2 hrs...
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    streamlight 600 lumen flashlight!!! got this as a gift and played with it for 30 mins. i've never had a flashlight this bright. unreal. want to keep it but realized i don't have a need for a flashlight this bright. so selling. this thing retails for $120. now yours for $80.
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    if you request another trial date...

    hi, my court date is in june. so i got the cop's notes but it's pretty much illegible, and in my disclosure request i had asked it to be typed. anyways i thought i could ask to be adjourned and get a new trial date but, i will not be in town the whole month of july and august. so if the new...
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    insurance see your traffic ticket on the offense date not the conviction date right?

    i think that after 2 years your insurance drops your traffic ticket record right? cuz i got a ticket in Feb 2013. so say even if i lose in court, and insurance sees the ticket, it will be cleared after 2 years from Feb 2013, not the conviction date months later. is this correct? so i figure i...
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    stop sign and white line not aligned, can this be used as defence in court?

    there's like a 3 meter gap between the sign and line. what do you think gtam brothers? never seen this before.
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    anyone switched from gas to diesel car and never looked back?

    hi, thinking about getting a vw tdi. never owned a diesel before so dont know what i'm getting myself into. i always hear tdi has really good fuel economy. should i do it?
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    which bike is good for ALL weather conditions?

    hi! thinking about getting a different bike. done with the SS scene for now. need a bike that is proven to be reliable in long distance, rain or shine, tarmac or mud and etc etc. not snow obviously lol. what bike would it be? a bmw? thnx
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    if your witness can't come to court with you, will his signed affidavit work?

    like the title says. what do you think? i need my witness to help prove the cop's notes have errors. but he can't make it to court. so i was wondering if i get an affidavit from him beforehand will work. thanks!
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    how do you address the judge, prosecutor and cop in court?

    fighting a stupid stop sign ticket and court date is coming up. i vaguely remember you're supposed address the JP "your worship", is this correct? how do you address the prosecutor? "Mr or Madam prosecutor"? and if the cop shows up and you need to question him. do you call him "Officer <last...
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    anyone knows a store to buy LED bulbs, electronic circuits boards and etc?

    daughter's doing a science project. where do you go get these things? lol

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