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  • hi, you might want to tell people what the bike is (in the ad) instead of making them follow a link just to find out what you are selling. "250" doesn't say much.

    regards hubie.
    Hey, my fb name is Ronnie Fong. We are friends already.. .I'm one of the guys who non-stop stalk your hot pics on facebook....
    Konbanwa sea-chan!
    Watashiwa hontoni genki desu! Anatawa? (I am sorry to hear about your everything ok now?).
    I finally settled on a bike...and will be picking it up in a couple of days!!!! I can't wait....ha ha.
    well i put a deposit on it in June the bike still hasnt arived yet and they are not sure when exactly it will im just playing the waiting game for now : (
    :D Sorry for the delay was so great meeting you in person! Let's practice Nihongo together! (ha ha so I don't forget)
    Thank You = ) ..i hope i do too excited to start riding ! long have you been riding for ?
    Yeah and that's why I named my bike Sakura. She's red like cherry blossoms =p
    Newb cake! You totally slowed us down today =p That's alright, I'll take you back to Cambodia and show you how it's done. No rules with 50cc bikes
    Going great. I see you got yourself an EX250, nice starter.
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