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  • Hi, hope things are well and hope you can join us for a ride (or ice cream) sometime soon. We're wondering where you are!
    not to much, went on a fairly boring ride today with my grand-parents. we went straight for like 3hours, and then any turns we came to, he would slam on his brakes, ugh... I might be going on a ride on friday, trying to squeeze as much in as I can before school. How about you?
    Hi ,
    Its me Ken with the Harley. I am finally on the board. Learning how it works.
    My nick name is Tora which you know means tiger because my bike is orange and black.
    Hope to see and ride with you soon.
    Wendy and I want to go dirt bike riding to.
    Bye for now
    just letting you know my bike is no longer dieing, my dad and I figured out the problem
    Thanks for the message! I didn't go out on the weekend after the Fri sept 19th ride-I was a bit shaken up. I did go out again last night with a few people. Just let me know when and I'll come out with ya!
    If u ever want to do a little riding with a noobie, feel free to message me! R u or anyone u know going up to the big BBQ on Sun? Would u recommend that I go or wait till I get more experience & go next year?
    Hi you must be Aki,how are u? I heard about you:) you got a bike already??
    is your surname Saitou san? I don't get my license and bike till next year but I'm looking forward to see you! Have a nice ride!
    Genki desu!!! Ureshii!!!
    Watashi wa ikumus Nippon! Jun ichi gatus! ( *-*)b mo-ta-saikuru desu ka?
    Just got my M1 as well. Since none of my current friends are into biking, Im networking to get a list of peeps that are in the same level as me. I live on the east side. Wondering if and where you got your gear from. Im looking into getting helmet, jacket, pants, gloves and boots. Know of a good place with helpful staff?
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