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    Stupidly overpriced motorcycle for sale thread

    I think this guy/girl was trying to sell it last year for 9K. I don't know what more sad, the asking price or the fact they paid close to 12k for a CB500X with those farkles. All the other bits and bobs are minor in price, a cable harness, plastic handguards with no back bone etc... They seem to...
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    Covid 19/touring

    @shanekingsley Are you still planning on your trip? I'm wondering how to go about mine, if camping is only allowed for locals, obviously our license plates will give us away anywhere we go out of Ontario, even to get food or just ride through. Also how do they know you self-isolated for 14 days...
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    The Reasonably Priced Used Motorcycles for Sale Thread

    Good question, I have no Idea. At VOS motors the other day, sales reps showed me a 0km, 2012 V-Strom, fully loaded, with Givi Lugagge, touring accersories, etc.. 8 years old, and new, just brought in. I'm baffled
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    The Reasonably Priced Used Motorcycles for Sale Thread

    The Naked version are hard to find indeed, was my first bike a few years back. I looked and looked for ages to find an unmolested version, 05+ with the black frame. Finally found one, was all the way up in Kingston, trailered it back home, was in showroom condition, only had 13k kms and used as...
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    New Blog, Dirt-Riding Oriented

    Well done! Already learn't about that road you mentioned in the video, clean and simple layout. All the best in the Rally ahead!
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    [SUGGESTION] Tire inflator

    A co-worker suggested this one I got it last year, it works well and was under $70, though now not available anymore, there are many like it. Portable, battery lasts a while, I can top up all 4 car tires, use it on the motorcycle, and can set the PSI digitally, it has an auto-cut of which is...
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    Cops Are Also Watching "WAZE" The App Maybe governments will soon start banning these apps :( " It is now illegal to use a GPS’s speed camera feature on German roads. According to MoreBikes, if caught violating the law, a road user can be fined up to €75 ($82). Just how...
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    Dacre Rally 2020

    Gotta get some time to take pics, will do soon for you guys :) @Iceman Congrats too, did you sell the KLR an other bike? Enjoy the ride!
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    Motorcycle Camping Tents

    I did the Ferry last year, was great fun. I wanted to do it this year, though even last year on weekdays, in the summer it was packed, some bikers couldn't get on and had to wait or ride around. I can only imagine the chaos now. Not to mention, if a passenger is found with symptoms on board in a...
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    Motorcycle Camping Tents

    "MS Chi-Cheemaun to begin ferry service for essential transportation only on June 1, 2020 ...prohibiting operations that are discretionary in nature, such as activities related to tourism and recreation, from operating in Canadian waters until June 30, 2020" Maybe call and ask, though what I...
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    Motorcycle Camping Tents

    For when? The ferry isn't open to us mortals, unless your travel is deemend essential, and that criteria isn't till June 1st. For the public, or if you don't live on the island, could be well past summer
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    Second Driver on a cbr 125r?

    I have 2 riders on my policy, my dad and I, the higher risk rider automatically gets to Primary (me, 29 yrs old), even if my dad is 60+. They don't even let you have the option to put the less expensive riders as a primary, even if my dad was riding more than me, they decide who is higher risk...
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    Dacre Rally 2020

    Thanks! Was a long wait, It's got a Dakar vibe to it, and coming from the 500cc, a nice breather. The CP2 engine is a tractor, just pulls in every gear, I'm a little baffled how it does it, 2nd and 3rd feels like 1st. If you want to see it up close of anything, let me know :)
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    Dacre Rally 2020

    Yup, just picked it up today after 5pm! may have been me, was headed back to Mississauga from Vaughan/VOS Motors
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    anyone used these tire plugs before

    The dynaplug looks interesting, the part of the brass plug at the end staying in the tire is odd, I would hate for that brass plug to come off and just ping around all over the inside of the rim, i'm sure it's not heavy brass, though maybe it can off balance the tire too. The sticky ropes work...

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